Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hello everybody, long time to see you...

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Hello people, I hope you are good there wherever you are!!

Why I was too lost?? First I want to tell you: I got married in December with my husband Kangaroo!!! Then we travelled to Ecuador one week in our honeymoon. It was beatuiful and we had a great time there.

At the moment, we are studying english to our IELTS exam. I think it is difficult if you do not have enough time to do it, and the australian immigration department does not help to work on so well. A lot of changes have occurred there in Australia and my husband told: Ok Koala, that´s enough. We don´t want give up, but Australia now for us, will be in second place.

Now we want to move to United Kingdom, my dream is Europe and I want to go there. We would likme to go as a student, it´s pretty difficult and very expensive also. We are plannig to get the student visa...

If you have any suggestions, please let me know, we are desperate to go there...

Greetings :)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Hello People!!! A lot of things to tell you :)

Hi everybody!!!

I hope you are doing well. Long time to see you, isn´t it??

New things here in my country about agrochemicals, new things about me and my migration issues, etc.

I will try to tell you the story as short as I can...

Few months ago I went to some forum about new agrochemicals laws here in Venezuela. This is a complicated story because in few words, the government call agrochemicals "agrotoxic products". Unfortunatelly or fortunatelly, we need to use them, they are necessary for our agriculture and yes, they are toxic but if we use them with conscience and with the agronomist recomendation, you cannot contaminate water, soil, etc. and you can use the biopesticides together with chemicals but they do not understand that. However, I have some experience about this and I can bring it to me to Australia :)

Otherwise, few weeks ago, after one month suffering with my documents, I sent to translate them in Caracas and then I sent it to my agent to Australia (the documents were there on november 16th), my agent sent it to Vetassess on November 17th to my assessment and yesterday my agent sent me an email... MY SKILL ASSESSMENT AS AGRICULTURAL SCIENTIST WAS POSITIVE!!!!! :)

Really I am very happy about this.. One step more...

Also now, I am full with my wedding things, and the honeymoon. My wedding is on december 19th (you are invited) hahaha...

Well people, I hope you are good, and I promise that i will write as possible as I can...

We keep in touch :)

Edited: November 27th.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wind of changes!!!!

...Like a german song from one german band, the DIAC is changing everything!!!!!!

Yesterday in the morning, I was reading my e-mail and looking for new information on the Aussie neighbor forum, I´ve read this thead: "New processing order"...

I couldn´t believe it. My agent told me two days ago, before this headlines that not only WA could give me sponsorship, also Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory (ATC), may a good news...

However, as I told you before, the DIAC or in this case, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has set some new priorities for this process from September 23rd. I mean, the priority list have been changed. Now my sponsorship maybe doesn´t work because my priority with the sponsor was in 2nd place and now is under, 5th place....

I give you this link.

You know guys, my skills isn´t neither MODL and CSL, so, what can I do? I´m worry!! My agent told that we must wait, some new changes will begin in November, but I think that they´ve already begun.

So, We must wait and I will inform you then!!

With many hopes this time!!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Western Australia.

Hello guys!!!

I have some things to tell you.

As I told you last time, I gave my documents to translating in Caracas. Then I talked to my agent and when I signed the agreement with him, he told me about the sponsor from one state or territory. My career is Agricultural Scientist as I told before, some states have my career in their skill demand... But... They´ve changed!! yes, they have changed!

Victoria and Western Australia offered the sponsor as Skill sponsor visa (Permanent) and Tasmania and Victoria as regional temporary visa. After July 17th, everything changed and only one state have in their skill demand list my career.. Western Australia!!!

Fortunately we can postulate for that sponsor for the temporary visa (subclass 475) in this beautiful place. I have the opportunity to ask in regional areas, no in Perth.

We are thinking about Albany (they have a grape crops) and they produce wine. My speciallity is Phytopathologist, we hope we can get it!!!

Hey guys, I am trying to practise my english, please, if you have a suggestion, let me know, it is very important for me. I need to study for my IELTS and sometimes I feel like a Tarzan...


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The agent, the qualification assessment,my carreer...

After to decide the destination and the migration process, we had a big dilemma: Who could be our migration agent? It´s a good question. As well, we want to start with VEA, but then we noticed the price: too expensive... I wrote some people and i discovered a forum and it could help me to find some good answers and after read a lot, contact some agents, we decided to sign the contract with Ospel.

As well, you I would like to tell that I am an agricultural engineer, however my agent told me that is a bit difficult because this carreer is only in SOL list. He gave us some options for my qualification assessment: first I had to evaluate and comparate with the ASCO list, then I should tell my agent and we decided the best option. Finally we decided Agricultural scientist (this decision was make because my work experience is more associate with this skill)

Shortly, I informed my agent and we started my qualification assessment application with Vetassess.

The documents that we need for the assessment are:
• Application form (completed and signed by the applicant) • Applicant Declaration page for online applications (signed by the applicant) • A certified copy of your birth certificate or relevant pages from your passport showing your date of birth • Certified evidence of change of name, e.g. marriage certificate (if applicable) • Two recent passport sized photograph certified as a true likeness of yourself by a person authorised to certify documents • Assessment fee (see below for payment details) • Supporting evidence for your GST exemption claim (if applicable) • Identification of Certifier (see below for details) • Certified English translation of the above documents, compiled by a registered translation service, if originally issued in a language other than English • A certified copy of the official award certificate for your qualification(s) in the original language and in English. If an award certificate cannot be obtained we require a letter of completion from the registrar's department of the awarding institution. This letter should clearly state the qualification name, program duration and details (eg: mode of study) and successful completion of qualification. • A certified copy of the official academic transcript/record listing the subjects studied and results obtained, in the original language and in English. If a transcript cannot be obtained we require a letter from the registrar's department of the awarding institution. This letter should clearly state the qualification name, program duration and details (eg mode of study and subjects undertaken), successful completion of qualification and reasons why the transcript is not available.

So, today my agent had sent me an email informed me that the application online is almost done!!!

Only I have to translate the documents (you can see it above) and then I must send it with the declaration that my agent sent us!!!

For now, i have to go, but see you next!!! :)

The begining...!!!

...When I was young, I wanted to move to another place, I wanted to go to many countries, as my husband says: "You are a citizen of this world..." Then , when I finished the High School, I wanted to go to England and study english, but I couldn´t, then I started the university here int th UCv in Venezuela, I put in a siutcase all my dreams and feelings about this.

Besides, I met few years ago, some good guy from Poland and I still have met some polish people, tehy are awesome and good people; from that moment I said; I go to Poland!!! My mother told me: Are you crazy?? Why Poland?? I was learning polish and german at the same tome online. I really love and admire that countries as well.

Always I have thought to go somewhere; and my mother told me once: Why not Canada, USA or Australia??? I told her: Mom, I do not like USA, people are crazy and besides I have got american tourist visa, immigrant poeple are not accepted by them; in Canada I must learn french and is too cold, also it isn´t one of my favorite countries. Finally, Australia.. I didn´t think about it!!

Then, last year in August, I went in Ecuador and Colombia and I said: I want to stay here!! I like it !!! And the same story: Mom, I go to Ecuador or Colombia!!! I want to do a postgraduate!! She told me: Go ahead!!!

Other option: Go to USA. I have the american visa and you can go as a tourist and coming back again, but I couldn´t, I have a cousin there but he told us is very difficult stay there as a tourist... We told the same thing to one of my mother´s friend... Nothing happen... I settle down... My mom insisted about Australia and I did the online test, I could get a temporary visa, however, I didn´t pay attention!! After that, I put my dreams again in a suitcase.

In 11th March, I did again the online test to Au, the same results: Temporary visa!

After that, my husband and I were looking for a house in Caracas, Colonia Tovar, Maracay, Valencia... The prices: Too expensiveeee!!!!! We couldn´t pay never those houses... Impossible!! One day i told him: I think that we should go to another country, don´t you think? He support me 100 %... And we were searching about this and... Australia appears again on my way!!!! "This is a sign" I thought at that moment.... We did the test together... Finally, I am the 1st applicant...
23th July we made the interwiew with VEA, with a lot of possibilities to get the visa. However, we are thinking about the agent for this process...
So, why we want to go to??? Because my country hasn´t a good situation nowaday, a lot of poverty, insecurity, economical stability, my family, my kids, a good job, a good quality of life... I want to be safe with my husband and planning a beautiful family.